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Block Printing is a perfect introduction to printmaking. Also called Relief Printing, you may have already made some in kindergarten if you've ever carved a potato stamp! This comprehensive kit has all the necessary materials to get you started, and with our Linoleum Block Printing tutorial in the Kitchen Table Sessions you can see exactly how it's done!

The kit includes 1 linoleum block, 1 brayer, 1 tube of black ink, 1 carving tool, 1 palette for rolling out ink, 1 pencil for drawing & transferring a design and 10 sheets of paper for printing.

Linoleum Block Printing

  • Art Lesson Kits are a perfect way to show someone you care about them. Being creative and trying something new is ideal for those stuck at home during Shelter in Place, kids who need an activity, or grownups who want to gain skills and confidence. No experience is required, and all the proceeds benefit our Non-Profit Educational Institution.

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