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Watercolor painting is such a versatile method. Both simple and complex, it can be used to render the most exquisite naturalistic paintings or to create fluid, abstract imagery. This kit can be purchased along with our "Color Theory and Watercolor Basics Course" on the Courses page for a total package! For a limited time, when you purchase the kit, apply code FRIEND10 on the Teachable Course checkout to receive a $10 discount!

This comprehensive kit includes 1 set of Watercolor Paints, 1 set of Watercolor Brushes, Watercolor Paper, 1 pencil for sketching, and 1 paint mixing tray.

Watercolor Painting

  • Art Lesson Kits are a perfect way to show someone you care about them. Being creative and trying something new is ideal for those stuck at home during Shelter in Place, kids who need an activity, or grownups who want to gain skills and confidence. No experience is required, and all the proceeds benefit our Non-Profit Educational Institution.

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